You don’t know what you’ve until it’s gone

In 1 short week, I have been reminded of life’s fragility threefold… 

Niko, a friend of the family who had beat the odds of severe physical and mental disabilities…his projected life span was 3 months, died at 9 years old. Niko had gone into the hospital because of Rhinovirus, aka the common cold. Because of his health condition he needed medical intervention for what most people could overcome with rest at home. After 2 days in the hospital, Niko was released and sent home. The next day his parents found him passed away in his bed. 

George, a friend of a friend, passed away in his sleep at 37 years old. His wife, Christine, woke up Thursday morning to find her husband and father to her young daughter, Grace, cold and lifeless without any signs of distress. 

Matt, my husband’s cousin, 48 years old passed away unexpectedly at work on Tuesday. What they believe to have been a heart attack, took him from doing his normal daily work duties to falling to the ground unexpectedly. 

All three of these deaths came without warning. Being a deeply empathetic person, I can’t help but put myself in their shoes and feel the extreme impression of agony and despair on their hearts after finding the person you love more than life itself, gone…without warning, without explanation…without being able to express just one last time how much you love them. 

Although I am a praying person anyway…this week, prayer has become as steady as my breathing. But, what do you pray for? What, if anything, could even come close to easing the torment and misery they are living with? 

Of course, I pray the Lord would magnify His presence in their lives…to feed them from His bottomless well of strength. I pray that after the dust settles and the support system these people have leaned on go back to their day to day life, that each of these grieving families still have at least one earthly angel to be with them. I pray they feel the presence of the heavenly angels that protect them. I pray they may continue to have faith and hope in the glory of God even in this darkness. 

And I pray that God amplify my awareness of the gifts I take for granted…like waking up in the morning…my husband and loved ones waking up in the morning…

I pray that God place peace in my heart so that I may project love to everyone as often as possible. 

I pray that God bless me with the ability and patience to accurately show my family how deeply I love them…I pray my love for them be made clear to me as well. We so often just fall into complacency and even forget how much we love someone until it’s too late to show them…you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…I pray that the Lord shine light on what I’ve got so that I may glorify them while I have the opportunity. 

I think about all the things I would have said to my mother had I known it would’ve been the last time I was ever going to see her. I want the constant awareness of how precious every breath I take is…and even more awareness of what I should be doing with that breath…

I pray for the person reading this…I pray that their heart may be filled by Spirit or an energy…I pray they may forgive all trespasses in their life…I pray clarity may come to their hearts of just how miraculous every second is…even when it’s hard. I pray that they may feel the presence of their God. 

Thank You Lord for showing me what it is that I need to work on. 

Put yourself in the shoes of these people…what comes up for you? This shines a light on who you need to send love to. If you have a breath in your body…use it to forgive, glorify, celebrate..say it out loud…never assume people know we love them. You will wish you would’ve said it…avoid a life of remorse…get vulnerable…get raw…tuck your tail between your legs…you will thank yourself for it.