You cannot un-know something

✨You cannot un-know something✨

This morning I failed in my routine. I couldn’t get clear in my #meditation , I skipped my #yoga , and went straight to the #coffee .

I felt disappointed in myself.

I know what I’m capable of and I did not show it this morning.

Instead of beating myself up and going down a dark tunnel of #selfdeprecating#innerdialogue I am going to call upon the #wisdom I have.

Every second of every day is a #newopportunity

The Gina I am striving to be, fell.

Rather than kick her while she’s down, I’m going to extend a hand, lift her up, dust her off, and lead her back to the #path she was on.

I will not #sabotage the rest of my day because of this one setback.

That used to be me. I used to say “well I already fucked up today, I might as well fuck up real good” and then go slam some cookies.

Every moment is a new one…we don’t have to wait for the sun to set and rise again to get back on track.

Whether it’s missing a #workout , eating an unhealthy meal, saying something hurtful, making a bad decision…whatever it is, you can make it right, immediately.

So the rest of the day, to redeem myself (for me, no one else), I will eat extra healthy, I will move more, I will move faster. I will make up for that missed yoga session.

I will forgive myself BUT ALSO hold myself accountable.

I was not born this way. This is not a natural instinct that I have. It is a learned behavior. Once you’ve learned it, you can’t un-learn it. You may choose not to practice it but the lesson will always remain. What you choose to do with the lesson is up to you.

This philosophy has made me a better wife, mother, leader, citizen, and Christian.

If you fuck up, remember the next breath you take is a new moment, use it. That’s what it’s there for ❤️