You can only give what you’ve got.

Being a good mother comes from being #fulfilled

The movie #MyOctopusTeacher was recommended by a friend, thank you friend!

It’s about a man who began free-diving in a cold underwater kelp forest in False Bay, South Africa.

He began because he felt like something was missing from his life.

He was a successful film-maker which is what he was most #passionate about but as this #missingpiece continued to grow be became less and less passionate about filming and was left #disheartened .

Free diving was something he remembered doing as a child. He remembered the #joy it brought him.

He was trying to return to this place of joy that diving gave him but it turned into much more.

What stuck with me was because a piece of him was missing he couldn’t be a #goodfather to his son.

After a year of diving and establishing an actual #relationship with a wild Octopus, everything changed.

It’s truly majestic. I had no idea how intelligent Octopi are. To see a trusting relationship form between a human and this sea creature is amazing.

I can’t help but think of myself before my breakthrough.

I always felt like something was missing. I just knew there had to be more to life. Although I love what I do for a living…giving people the added confidence that comes from looking their best…I’m very passionate about it, I felt empty.

This emptiness kept me from being the kind of #parent I wish I would have been.

You can only give what you’ve got.

I can’t go back but I can begin now. Share #lifelessons I learned along the way…that life is so much more than school, careers, and establishing a nest egg. That’s literally the smallest piece of it.

Life is about basking in the glory of #God , verbalizing #gratitude , reveling in the awe of #nature , feeling your #feelings , recognizing what brings you joy and finding a way to use that to bring joy to others. To #serveothers with your #gifts .

We must make ourselves whole and then give the extra pieces to our children. We can’t give what we don’t have.