Trust is the best gift you can give or receive.

As a hairstylist, people trust me to create a style based on texture, head shape, personality, and lifestyle. My clients rely on my expertise to make professional recommendations. During a conversation, I realized how I felt when a guest told me she completely trusted me to do what I felt was best with her hair. Prior to this conversation I had only thought about trust from the perspective of the truster not the trustee. 

When you trust someone implicitly think about how you feel. You are relaxed, free to express yourself, you can behave authentically. Your physical, emotional, and mental state are all completely at ease. Have you ever thought about how you feel when you know you are trusted though??…it’s those exact same feelings. 

I realized when I am in the presence of someone I know completely trusts me, I am able to be at my very best…this is the greatest gift to myself, the people around me, and to God. 

Each of us is gifted with a very unique skillset. When we feel completely free to express ourselves these gifts are exalted to new heights allowing us to use them to serve and benefit the lives of others. This is exactly what God wants from us…to use our God-given gifts to serve others. 

Trust is earned of course. It should not be something we just assume is owed to us. We have to lean on vulnerability in the beginning of our relationships, whether that be professional or personal. Being vulnerable is exactly how we earn the trust we need to feel serenity and security. 

Once trust is earned it’s important to live a life of integrity to keep it. We all make mistakes…we are human…it WILL HAPPEN. Owning up to those mistakes immediately, no matter how hard, is how we keep trust. Once trust is broken it is very difficult to earn it again, oftentimes impossible. Remember, trust is not broken when you hurt someone…it’s broken when you don’t repent and atone. Damn near every human offense can be fixed with owning and growing from our mistakes. 

Trust is the best gift you can give or receive. It is up to us heal ourselves from past trauma so we can continue to give that gift to others. 

Healing yourself heals the world.