The year of clarity

I distinctly remember stepping into 2020 with this fire inside my soul just knowing that without a doubt this was going to be my year. 2020, the year of perfect vision…clarity. I was so excited for what this year had in store for me.

Well, here we are. Literally the fastest year ever. Still your standard 365 days but there was nothing standard about this year. I’ve been thinking, how could a year drag on for so long and fly by so quickly all at the same time?

I got my answer….


In a book that has been collecting dust on my book shelf for 9 months (I don’t read books, I listen to them but this one didn’t have an audio version but I convinced myself to buy it anyway). Over Thanksgiving I found myself with some extra time on my hands and my intuition was telling me to read it. The book is called Hello Fears by Michelle Poler. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all the entrepreneurs reading this. Well she discusses that how when we are only doing mundane day to day tasks our days become forgettable. This makes time fly by simply because there was nothing notable about it. On the other hand when we are more adventurous or doing things out of out comfort zone we have more memories therefore it seems like we have experienced more time.

This legit blew my mind because 2020 has been a complete mix of mundane as well as abnormal/uncommon things. I don’t want to use the word adventurous..but hell, 2020 has been quite an adventure, so why not!

We go to work..for some of that means going from our bedrooms to our living rooms, our kids go to school…which for some has been a similar commute. We really are not leaving the confines of our very little bubble however there is NOTHING mundane about the world today. That explains that feeling of both dragging and flying by.

Now being near the end of 2020 I can honestly say that my initial assessment of 2020 was spot on. I do have clarity. They way I got here was a convoluted mess of a journey, but let’s be honest…our journey’s NEVER look the way we think or plan on.

I was given a gift during shut down…a gift that I don’t think I would have gotten any other way. With the help of a couple very dear friends I was able to help heal my relationship with God. Which I had learned is really my relationship with myself. There is no more precious of a gift.

Everyone that I have spoken to has also learned something about themselves. Whether good or bad…it’s a gift. To be able to understand yourself, your desires, your motives, your relationships, your everything…that is 100% hands down without a shadow of a doubt the greatest gift you can ever receive.

It was my healing process that led me to creating the Guided Journal (available for purchase here). This is something I am so incredibly proud of and passionate about. We all have healing to do…or we have celebrating to do on the healing we have already done. Either way, it needs to be recognized. To either fix it or use more of it.

So, it may take a little shift in perspective but I do believe 2020 is the year of clarity. I asked for it and boy did it deliver. What have you learned about yourself this year? Do you have some healing to do? Are you confused, scared, anxious? These are all things that can be healed. These are all things that need to healed. Having healed my relationship with God/self…I have never been so calm. In a year filled with such uncertainty…I have none. Instead I have a deep sense of knowing that everything is going to be ok. It will never be what it once was…but it could be better.

Consider the Guided Journal as a gift for yourself or for a group of you to do simultaneously. This was the greatest gift I have ever given myself and now I want to share it with you.

Be kind to one another. I promise you, one way or another, we will get through this.