The time for change is now and it is possible!!

As I sit here writing this newsletter I’m looking out the window at the beautiful snowy landscape and am reminded of the countless blessings in my life. The biggest blessing of them all is that I woke up this morning. God has given me another day on earth to live a life of impact…both in receiving and giving. 

This is a great reminder of whatever you go looking for, you will find, 100% of the time. You go looking for evil and heartache, you’re gonna find it. You go looking for beauty, love, blessings, and abundance…you’re gonna find that too. I encourage you to be very careful in what you go looking for! Often times, we don’t even realize what we are looking for.  It takes mindfulness and discipline to only go looking for the good. 

Here is an example, we know the news very rarely informs us of the good going on in the world…we have to make a conscious decision not to watch the news. We feel pressured to watch in order to stay informed with what’s happening in the world but I assure you the information you are receiving is not benefiting you in any way. 

It’s time we become our own news reporters.  When I have my blinders on and only focus on what is in front of me and what I have control over, my news reports are filled with beauty, kindness, resilience, and love. 

Let us take the advice of Mother Teresa, “If you want to change the word, go home and love your family”. The time for change is now and it is possible!! We start in our own homes…beginning with ourselves. 

We can NEVER force someone into making good choices we can only inspire them by doing it ourselves. The greatest motivator in the world is being in the presence of grace, mercy, compassion, and love. I believe this is one of the most amazing things about having a relationship with Christ…being in His presence makes me want to be a better person…I’m inspired by His love. Religion uses fear tactics to guilt and shame you into better living…that only makes you spiral deeper into the pits of guilt and shame…relationship though…that is different. Having a relationship with Christ inspires and motivates me. 

Start every single morning giving thanks for the blessings in your life…Here are just a handful of mine…

  • Another day
  • My health
  • Roof over my head
  • Food in my fridge
  • My talent and ability which allow me to earn an income
  • The resources that allow me to provide heat, electric, gas, clothing, food for myself and my family
  • My husband 
  • My family
  • Running water
  • My jeep 
  • My community 

The list goes on and on. Beginning your mornings this way puts you in the trajectory of seeking out all the good around you!

Let’s change the world y’all…we start by focusing on the person in the mirror.