The Possibilities of Affecting Change in Service of Others

When washing the feet of others, your feet are truly clean.


My husband and I began a second go-around of our relationship in late 2015. Second go-around meaning that he was my very first real relationship when I was 15 years old. We broke up, loved a lifetime with other partners then came back together. So we’ve known each other since we were kids. A few months into our reunion, I began to realize that he truly is my soulmate, In the truest sense of the word, I believe our souls continue to reunite in the past and parallel lives.


In this particular life, I have a deep desire to truly soak up every possible second with him. This has made me seriously go deep on our physical health as a couple, including the way we are taking care of the vessels that will take us to the end of this particular lifetime. A couple of years ago, I dove head first into a diabetic lifestyle with the intention of supporting my husband. He had his pancreas removed as the result of a gall bladder burst that went septic. I quit drinking alcohol, only ate healthy fats, lean meats, vitamin-enriched foods, etc. If it didn’t serve as a quality fuel for my body, I didn’t consume it; although, there may have been an occasional splurge. I felt I was at my highest level of health in all aspects- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Everyday I journaled and blogged, working out regularly. I was in it!


One day, several months into this new lifestyle, at the very height of my health, I had a deeply spiritual moment. This distinct moment I have trouble talking about, explaining. I was sitting inside the waiting area of a full service car wash. The room full of people. While sitting there, not on my phone, not reading a magazine, simple people-watching. I precisely remember looking at the individuals that were waiting. I began to have these very intense feelings and emotions. I could see into the souls of others. I was feeling their pain. It was surreal and scary, yet truly beautiful. It was something that I have never experienced before. I felt like I could see the presence of God in each and every person.


That day, I’m positive I was vibrating at my highest possible frequency. I think that was my moment in which I was closest to God. Up until recently, I thought that I was able to do this because of my sacrifice. I sacrificed short-lived pleasure for long-term health in every corner. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. I haven’t been able to get back there. I am beginning to realize that the harder I try, the further I get, simply because I’m doing it for all of the wrong reasons. After some very deep discussions, maybe I was gifted that very moment from God because I am in complete service of others. My self care was in pursuit of supporting my husband, feeding my mind with things to share and impact others. None of what I was doing was vanity or ego-driven. It was all in service of others. It was the epitome of filling my cup with the intention of filling the cup of others.


My belief is that this has some sort of parallel to our current state in the country. We relinquish our power, but it is returned to us in the form of love and light. If we were able to affect change in complete service of others, imagine what would be possible. If we took our opinions, egos, feelings, and emotions out of it and simply dedicated time to a cause without seeking personal benefits, the ripple it would have.