The lessons I have learned along the way

Here are just a few things that I have learned along the my journey. A lot of these things have come from people that have chased their dreams and shared their experiences. Here is a lesson that I learned from Ashton Kutcher (believe it or not) Opportunities look a lot like hard work. Brene Brown has taught me that being yourself and believing you are worthy are things we have to remind yourself of daily….she also has taught me that to really truly believe that, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable which is a very scary thing. Walt Disney has taught me that if you have a vision of how you want your brand to be represented you do it no matter what adversity people throw your way. Vince Lombardi has taught me that by aligning a team to focus on the same goal you can be the most winning-est team of them all. After a year of living my dream the best lesson I have learned is that if you really want something the only way to achieve it is through persistence, staying true to yourself, team alignment, and working harder than you have ever worked in your life. Most of all believing in yourself. Everyday you will be faced with a person or a thing that will make you doubt your choices. You have to look doubt and fear right in the eye and stare it down until it slinks away. If there is a problem in your current course of action. Fix the problem and keep on keepin’ on. Remember EVERYONE has opportunities…however, they are often disguised as hard work. Remember, you are amazing, you are worthy of happiness, you can make all of your dreams come true….surround yourself with people that remind you that anything is possible….you will soon find out for yourself that that is true.