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As we head into the months known as the “color killers” we would love to introduce you to the perfect defense, Kevin Murphy’s Ever Lasting trio. 

Keep your color fresh between salon visits with KM’s 3-piece color protecting regimen.

The set includes full sizes of the EVERLASTING.COLOUR WASH, RINSE and LEAVE-IN treatment. pH sealing technology closes the cuticle, locking in color, protecting hair from hard water mineral buildup, and strengthens hair from ensuring improved, stronger and healthier hair.



2 Products

Mr & Mrs Tannie- Face and Body Self Tanner 

Keep your skin feeling tight, silky smooth and naturally tanned.
(This might be the missing puzzle piece in your life – you are welcome…)

The set includes probably the best gradual face tanner you will find. Use this non-tinted hydrating water for a glowing sun-kissed face and décolletage. AS WELL AS a tinted smooth self-tan lotion for full body. 

Purchase either kit and receive 20% off! 

While supplies last 


Eufora Special