Sometimes this is what a #relationship looks like.

I have been married 3 times. This either makes me the best person to take relationship #advice from or the worst. I have LOTS of experience.

The #lessons I have learned about relationships have less to do with the other person and more to do with my relationship with #self .

I was raised by 2 people who didn’t discuss the inner workings of the #mind , #heart , and #soul . Both were fighting #demons within they didn’t want me to see.

They kept my focus on the #physicalworld . The problem with that is, the physical world is just the pretty little serving platter rather than the meal itself.

So when it came to the hard stuff, like lasting relationships, I was unprepared.

We all have demons we are slaying. When we are deep in battle with those demons we can’t give our partner the attention we all crave and it can lead to #turmoil .

Because our partners can’t feel our feelings and they can only see what we show them, it can be confusing. They may feel neglected.

Talking about feelings takes an immense amount of patience, #language , and nuance. While we are perfecting these things we must assume the very best of others.

When they are not showing up for us the way we want, we have to understand they are not doing this TO US we are simply caught in the crossfire of their battle.

When we can really see this clearly, it allows us to show up as a #superhero sidekick for our partners. We become the person they know they can count on to battle the demon within.

This was a game changer for me.

Giving my husband the safe space to feel his feelings and work through them in his unique way has given us an unbreakable bond.

Do we have hard days? HELL YES! But when we shift into more of an empathic mindset we are able to work through it and come out even stronger on the tail end.

#Humanity as a whole is going through hard times right now. Add that onto the already difficult human experience and it can get dark. We are all processing things in our own unique way.

Be #empathetic

Remember they are not doing it TO YOU…simply FOR THEMSELVES

Give #safespace

Be the superhero sidekick we all need!