September Styles, Tips & Tricks

Everyone can have wave in their hair…you just need to follow these simple steps.

This is for naturally curly hair too but all those out there that thought there hair was bone straight, I promise you can get body!

1.Shampoo and condition as usual. 

2. DO NOT COMB after getting out of shower 

3. Remove moisture simply by squeezing out the moisture with either a microfiber towel (available at Lola or on or with an old T-shirt

4. Apply Eufora Curl’n Defining solution immediately. (available at Lola or on (The secret to great curls is A LOT of product).  

5. Apply 15 pumps of product in 5 pump increments. 1st 5 pumps apply through the bottom ends, 2nd 5 pumps apply to the middle section, the third 5 pumps will be towards the top.  

6. Apply each application by simply squeezing it into the hair…do not run your fingers through your hair at all. 

7. (For true naturally curly hair) enhance curls by wrapping them around the fingers.  Once the hair is COMPLETELY air-dried or completely diffused you can vigorously shake the hair to create fullness and separation.

8. If your hair is naturally straight you MUST diffuse the hair to create the body you are looking for (diffusers available at Lola or on

9. On 2nd and 3rd day you can simply spray in the curl’n activator to tame frizzes and bed head (available at Lola or on  Mist product throughout head. No need to saturate completely…air-dry.