September Styles, Tips & Tricks

Are you familiar with The KonMari method?

Marie Kondo uses a heartfelt approach to tidying up. Rather than focusing on what to get rid of, you focus only on the things that bring you joy, a far less daunting task…actually damn near enjoyable. I began to think about this method on all things hair/skin/nails related in my home. I constantly hear my guests tell me they have a whole cabinet full of “stuff”. It is so easy to accumulate “stuff” but if we aren’t using it, what’s the point? The more space and room you have in your home the more freedom you have in your mind and soul. It’s time to let go. Here is the challenge…

Set yourself up for success. Find a flat expansive area in your home to pile your “stuff”. If you are like most of the U.S. you’re going to end up with a heap of “stuff”. You don’t want it rolling and falling everywhere…that will only test your patience and discourage you.    


Start scavenging Grab a big container or bag and start filling it with all things hair/skin/nails related. Products, hair ties, shampoos/conditioners, bobby pins, brushes combs, nail polish, nail clippers, emery boards, eye shadows, lip sticks/glosses, mascaras, eyes liners, moisturizers, creams, lotions and potions, make up brush…EVERYTHING! 

Build your heap  This is where the psychology of it all comes into play. Empty your container onto your surface. The whole point of heaping it all together is so you see the excess. Expect to feel a lot of emotions at this point. You will likely feel some guilt and shame over the hoarding of junk. That’s all part of the process. 

Forgive yourself Before we move onto the next part of the process, I would like to add my own step here…forgiveness. That guilt and shame you feel does no one any good. Let it go. Recognize you have accumulated a lot of shit and then let that shit go. Those negative feelings are as useful as all that junk you have…meaning, not at all. All it does it take up precious space. 

Get to pickin’ This is where you start grabbing the things that bring you pure and utter joy. If it is not a firm “YES, I LOVE THIS AND ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE IT” you leave in the heap until later. 

Whittle Whittle Whittle Every time you pass through the heap you are going to be tempted to keep things that are not a firm yes…this is normal. Often, things we have forgiven ourselves (or others) for creep back into our hearts and it is up to us to remember forgiveness is not a one time event, it’s a lifelong process. Items that are not necessary to your survival or do not bring you pure exalted joy should not be in your space. Be strong…don’t bring the unwanted/un-needed back into your life. 

Donate it, gift it, dump it Now you have to decide how you will get these things out of your home. Grab your garbage can and 2 empty boxes/containers, one for donations and another for gifts. There are going to be obvious things that are junk, throw them in the garbage can. There will be items that are in great condition but don’t serve you, put them in the donation box. There will be items that place someone’s name in your heart, put them in the gifts box. Once the heap is completely sifted through, immediately get those boxes out of your house. Go put them in your car for delivery. The longer they sit in your house, the more tempted you will be to pull things out keep them. GET IT OUT OF YOUR SPACE IMMEDIATELY 

Build your new space Finally you will begin to organize all the things you love. Find a home for them.

Bask in the glory of a completed task Very few things are as satisfying as a task completed, celebrate!…but also recognize how light you feel in your heart. Notice how you now longer feel weighed down by junk. SUCH AN AMAZING FEELING! This empty table has never felt SO SATISFYING!