October Styles, Tips & Tricks

The #1 missing ingredient to a finished look is shine.

Shine is defined as light reflecting off a smooth/flat surface.


The smoother you can get the cuticle layer of the hair the shinier it will be. Shine is the most noticeable attribute of healthy youthful looking hair. Shine does not just come from a bottle…it comes from proper care. From how you shampoo, condition, comb, apply product, dry, etc.

Think of the cuticle layer of your hair like shingle on a roof.

Just like the shingles on a roof wind, rain, heat, and other natural elements can severely damage the hair. We have much more control over what our hair is exposed to than we do our roofs.

~Avoid having the hair whipping all over the place whether that is from blowdrying or wind. If you are out boating, motorcycling, jeeping, or any other activities in which your hair whips all over the best way to keep it healthy and smooth is a scarf, handkerchief, or hat making sure the ends are covered too. SHOP HERE 

~Avoid excessive heat and sun. Again, whether the heat comes from hot tools or sunlight we want to minimize the amount of exposure. Head coverings are best for sunlight as well as using haircare that offers sun protection…not either or…but both (Eufora Nourish Leave in Hydration is perfect for sun protection, this is the free gift included in our current promo, Check it out. When using hot tools or being in hot whether also use haircare that offers heat protection (Eufora Thermal Defense Prep and Eufora Retain are excellent choices for heat protection. Thermal Defense goes on wet prior to blowdrying and retain goes on dry prior to hot tools)

~When blowing out hair consider a blowout brush…this is the perfect tool for an easy and professional looking blowout. This tool ensures that all the hair is traveling in the same direction at all times and has consistent heat and tension. Combined with the Eufora products mentioned above, you are in business.

~Like any job, using the right tool will significantly increase the odds of a professional looking finish. Whether its round brushes, curling irons, flat irons, diffusers, or microfiber towels we have what you need. Gina has been in the industry for 21+ years and would love to introduce you to the right tools for the job! Let us help you. Feel free to hit the chat button on the bottom of the screen and we can guide you!