November Styles, Tips & Tricks

The best way to grow out your hair…for men and women 

When I told my husband I was going for a haircut and he said “I thought you were growing it out”, I realized most people don’t know the best way to grow out their hair. As a hairstylist I tend to take my knowledge for granted and assume everyone knows the ins and outs of hair…I forget that someone had to teach ME too. 

1. Growing out your hair doesn’t necessarily mean you just let it do its thing until if reaches the length you want it. All lengths of hair require different shapes for it to look its best. You should still be getting regular haircuts but spaced out a little more than when you are simply maintaining a shape. Talking to your stylist about your hair goals allows you to have a plan to maximize the success of the grow out. We often get frustrated and decide to just cut it all off before we reach our goal…make it a team effort with your stylist.

2. Remember the longer the hair is the older the ends are…if your hair is 18” long the ends of your hair are approximately 3 years old…that’s 3 years of sun, heat, wind, shampooing, general wear and tear, and in most cases blowdrying, coloring, and curling/flat ironing. The older something is the more gentle we must be with it…right? Treat the ends of your hair like a delicate fabric, silk for instance. Short hair be treated more like cotton as it isn’t as old and fragile not to mention very short hair is cut so often that it is basically a whole new head of hair every few months. 

3. Begin your grow out journey knowing you will go through an awkward period or two. When you know what you’re up against in the beginning it makes it easier to get through. Your stylist is equipped with tons of ideas on different styling options to get you through. Remember that stylists have a servants heart…we are here for you…let us help you. Schedule a styling lesson with your stylist. We can teach you how to work with your new style in a completely judgement free zone! We don’t want to judge you we want to impact your life in a loving way!

4. Lastly, remember that hair is a source of self-expression…if your new long locks do not express who you are it’s ok to head in a different direction. It’s important that you feel comfortable in your body…hair is part of that body!