Many people know that I spend much of my time evolving myself and my company. Anytime you are growing as a person or as a business for that matter you are oftentimes met with resistance from those around you. Let’s face it, change can be difficult. The change is even more difficult when you yourself have no control over the change of another person. As I go through this evolution process I have come across so many “standards” or what is considered “normal”. This is something I really can’t wrap my head around. Who sets these standards? Who decided what normal is? I feel that social media only perpetuates this notion of “normalcy” which in my opinion is not a standard in which we can all measure ourselves. My normal and your normal are 2 completely different things. Sometimes…our “normals” are a sink full of dishes, an un-showered body, laundry piled up, and you laying on the couch watching bad reality TV. Guess what…That is your normal for that moment. The next day you might have a spotless house, you looking like you’re about to walk a runway, and a 5-course meal being prepared. What I am getting at is this “normal” standard that basically makes us feel like failures are not OUR normal. Your normal is what makes you feel at peace. Your normal is the behavior that allows you to be at your very best not only for yourself but also for the people you love and care about most. The only way we can really be great is to allow ourselves to be seen as who we truly are. To allow ourselves to be vulnerable and show people we are not perfect…because perfect does not exist…it is a ghost as Glennon Doyle refers to it…we are doing the best that we can. So, I challenge you to find, own, and exhibit your own “normal” whatever that might look like! You will be a happier, more relaxed person, therefore, you will be at your very best.