My eyes are wide open

My eyes are wide open

I’ve struggled with #selfworth my entire life.

Not being enough…
not attractive enough
not thin enough
not smart enough
not accomplished enough
not spiritual enough
the list goes on

My #breakthrough came when I realized I was the same age my mother was when she died. It was like a #neardeathexperience for me.

I’m so #thankful for it. That moment stripped me of everything I thought I was. It left a blank slate.

My #mind was the only thing that changed.

This fresh #perspective led me to certain people, books, blogs, videos, and information I didn’t know about before.

I found #strategies to help me realize that I am worthy of love and belonging. I am worthy of living a #fulfilled life.

Every #resource I stumbled upon led me to the next. 5 years later I don’t even recognize my former self.

It doesn’t even feel like this lifetime.

I am still haunted by the ghosts of my past from time to time. But now I have strategies to help those ghosts to Rest In Peace.

Being present, journaling to expel all the bullshit, meditating to clear all the cobwebs, and praying get the guidance I need.

I love my life, I love myself, and I love the path that I am on.

Thank you god for finally giving me #clarity! For finally opening my eyes!

My eyes are wide open!