May Styles, Tips & Tricks

I want to share the secret to washing your hair once a week and keeping it looking fresh and fantastic. 

I used to dread washing my hair…who am I kidding, I still dread it, but at least now it’s only 4-5 times per month. It’s not the shampooing and conditioning I dread, it’s the styling. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I like to reserve my precious time and energy for things I enjoy. 

Here are 5 steps to beginning the journey to sweet freedom! I know many of you are thinking “she obviously doesn’t know my hair, it’s way to greasy for this”

I hear you and I understand where that thought comes from. I promise, if you incorporate these steps you will DRASTICALLY reduce the time you dedicate to your hair. 

  1. Prepare for awkward beginnings…

Patience, young padawan (Gotta pay my homage to Star Wars Day…for those that don’t know…May the 4th be with you) This industry has taught me many things, the most important of which is patience. Like all things worth having, patience is key. There is about a 2 week period of awkwardness. If you are shampooing daily your scalp is receiving the message it needs to produce more protective oils for your scalp. As you shampoo less and less it takes a bit for your scalp to get the message. Change is hard…for your scalp as well. 

2. Invest in Dry Shampoo

Although you may not need dry shampoo in the long run (I don’t need it anymore), it is essential in the beginning part. Dry shampoo should be applied on the first day after blowdrying your hair…this is for preventative measures. Dry shampoo can be applied multiple times a day depending on your level of sebum secretion. 

3. Invest in a shower cap

Many people think not washing your hair means not showering…ummm, no. I promise I shower more than once a week…daily, in fact 🙂 Water and humidity is the enemy for full, shiny, smooth hair though. Wearing a shower cap can ensure you can scrub a dub dub in the shower without the risk of ruining your style. Check out the super cute selection of shower caps available in our boutique.

4. Intentionally wash and condition your hair

You don’t know what you don’t know. I certainly was never taught how to properly cleanse and condition my hair, I’m assuming many of you can relate. Shampoo is developed to cleanse the scalp and needs water to be activated. Get the hair completely saturated so the water can get to the scalp. Conditioner is developed for the ends of the hair. To apply, wring as much water out of the hair as possible, apply a SMALL amount of conditioner to the ends (fine hair, pea size; medium hair, dime size; thick/course hair, quarter size… most of us are using far too much) comb through the hair starting at the ends working your way up until the comb easily slips though.  You will notice a drastic reduction in oil production simply by adapting this method. 

5. Let the games begin

Begin adding one day in between your shampoo schedule. Remember to avoid getting it wet at all (bust out that cute new shower cap) Every 2 weeks add one more day in between your shampoo schedule. Continue this until you get to the point that you are shampooing 1-2 times a week. I have gotten to the point where I can go 10 days if I want but I do really like a routine so I shampoo on Saturdays. 

Welcome to freedom!!!