March Styles, Tips & Tricks

We will be heading into humid weather soon and flat irons will be in full force. To ensure your hair remains healthy follow these tips: 

1. It’s important the hair is pulled taut and each strand is traveling in the same direction…to ensure this use a heat resistant comb while flat ironing…the comb should lead the flat iron to the ends of the hair. Run the comb through before using the iron to ensure it glides through easily. 

2. Take thin sections, the heat has to be able to penetrate through the entire section. Turning the heat up will only result in damage to the hair that is directly touching the plate of the flat iron.

3. Always use a barrier spray before flat ironing. Kevin Murphy and Eufora both make excellent heat protection sprays, ask your stylist which is best for you. 

4. Manage the temperature. It only take one pass of extreme heat to fade your color. Here is a guideline:

Fine/Fragile hair 320 degrees

Normal/Medium hair 350 degrees

Thick/Course hair 390 degrees