Loneliness is a tough pill to swallow particularly when you are the one that made the decision to break the ties. I know that I have made the right decision ultimately but that does not fill the void and hollowness that I currently live with. I know this is just a bump in the road to an otherwise bright and happy future but I’m going to be honest here it’s one hell of a bump. I feel it necessary to put this out there for the people that are currently in a situation in which they are unhappy. I’m branding myself the inspiration for all of those living halfhearted lives. I, for many years, have said: “you have to endure the sour to enjoy the sweet” and now I have to live that. As a believer that situations such as these are opportunities for growth I am going to seize this opportunity. I must say that I can certainly see how in times such as this when you feel desperate for anything to fill the void people turn to alcohol, drugs, or other self-destructive numbing agents. I understand…we are a society of instant gratification. Pounding shots, popping pills, or snorting any myriad of substances gives you that instant sense of euphoria. It’s a trick though. It only masks the pain for a short period of time. You then come down from that “high” only to be faced with the same pain you started with. I’m not going to mask the pain, in fact, I am going to embrace it. I am going to fill those voids with new experiences. Work on getting healthy…God knows I need to. Work on being the positive light that I believe I am meant to be to anyone that will hear me. Today I choose growth! Today I choose to make healthy positive choices. Surround myself with people that want to be better than they were yesterday. I am looking to grow that circle. I look forward to hearing from anyone that can relate and can continue to inspire me for greatness.