Let someone in on your point of view

I have dedicated 2021 to figuring out what I want to be when I grow up

Clearly it will be in hair (don’t worry all my beautiful clients…I’m not going anywhere) but I know there is something more.

Most of you know I’ve merged the physical part of the beauty industry with the emotional side of it by incorporating Intentionally Lola into our brand.

My dream is to be able to touch all 4 corners or health… #physical #mental #emotional and #spiritual under one roof

I was recently listening to the @smartless podcast with #jasonbateman @arnettwill and @seanhayes . They were interviewing @daxshepard (who is an all time fav of mine) and he said something that gave me #clarity

For context he was talking about directing #films

“The whole #goal is to let someone in on your point of view, how you’re processing this world around you”

That is it! Sharing my #POV on #acceptance #selflove #spirituality#worthiness #selftalk #inclusion #normalingfeelings

The closer I can get to defining whatever the hell I am being called to do, the more focused I can be on its #intent

Right now, I’m inviting you guys on a scenic #journey on bringing all the bodies of health together. A #simplegirl from a #smalltown navigating her way to #enlightenment with the intention of #empowering you to do the same

Join me!

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