June Styles, Tips & Tricks

When I have a guest in my chair and we are brainstorming a new look, my #1 priority is ease. If it’s not easy for the guest to recreate, they won’t do it, and it’s not going to look good anyway. There are many things I consider when creating a new look, far beyond the hair type. We want to look at lifestyle, level of styling skill, personal style, personality, available time, face shape, body shape, and frequency of your return visits. 

For me, I have embraced a very minimalistic style, meaning I just let my hair do its thing. I let my hair air-dry, shampoo 1 time per week, embraced my natural color, and use very minimal product. I encourage everyone to try this at least once in their life. A great stylist will help you understand your natural hair texture, what shape best supports it, and how to care for it. This is much like reading the care instructions in your clothing. Some fabrics require cold water, no bleach, dry clean only, air dry, etc….hair should be looked at in the same vein.

When you create and follow a care label for your hair you give yourself the gift of time and energy…2 things you can never get back. Time is the #1 return on investment when you create a personal style. Knowing what looks best on you and what requires the least amount of effort allows you to use that time and energy on what is most important to you…family, friends, traveling, meditation, pursuing goals, shopping at Lola Hair and Soul, etc. 

So how do you go about creating a care label for your hair?…come see us! Like fabric, we need to see what we are working with before we can tell you how to care for it. Here is the really great news…provided you have quality products at home, it’s generally HOW you are using them. You will not have to make a big investment in products…in fact, when you are embracing your natural texture, less is more.  

I suggest making an appointment to sit down with your stylist. We can coach you on exactly how to care for your hair, create a care label to take home and follow, and teach you HOW to use the products you already have. If you have products at home that won’t support the goal of embracing your natural texture I’d love to create a collection that we can donate to people in need. Many shelters accept donations to help empower their residents to rebuild their lives. We all know what looking good does for our confidence!

Taking a minimalistic approach can be a journey. You may have to grow hair out, you may have to cut hair off…you may even have to cut damaged hair off to grow healthy hair out. It’s a process and we are here for it. We want to invite you into our judgement-free zone, allow us to take you by the hand, and walk with you!