July Styles, Tips & Tricks

Tip #1:

How to properly shampoo

Shampoo is designed for the scalp. (Wash hair first thing when showering so conditioner can sit for the duration)

  1. Thoroughly dampen hair.
  2. Apply up to a quarter size of shampoo to palm of hand and bring to a lather.
  3. Apply the shampoo directly to the scalp by painting in on with your hands paying extra attention to the crown.
  4. Gently massage entire head thoroughly.
  5. Focus only on the scalp, the rest of the hair will get clean.
  6. Repeat if necessary, If you do not shampoo daily it is recommended you repeat at least once.


Tip #2:

How to properly condition Conditioner is designed for the ends of your hair

Be sure to thoroughly rinse out shampoo and remove as much moisture as possible, using a towel will be even more beneficial.

  1. Apply up to a dime size (depending on the density of your hair…pea size for fine hair) into the palm of your hand.
  2. Work conditioner all over hands to get an even layer over entire palm and finger surface.
  3. Apply conditioner to ends only, avoid the scalp.
  4. Massage in and gently comb through beginning at the ends of your hair working your way up.
  5. Let sit for the duration of shower.
  6. Rinse thoroughly at lease 20-25 seconds.