January Styles, Tips & Tricks

It’s so easy to be swayed by trends but I have never been a fan of following them. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Change is a great idea when it comes to giving yourself a little boost but rather than following trends it’s best to define your style. 

Having a personal style allows you to be intentional with your time and energy. When you put your blinders on to all the looks that don’t fit your style it makes life so much easier. This is head to toe style. 

Here is my favorite definition of style “a distinctive manner of expression.” Although this definition refers to communication in writing or speaking I think it’s perfect for this subject as well. Self-Expression…this is exactly why there are so many options for style. 

How do you want your style to work for you? When I was defining my style it was impacted by how I wanted to spend my time and energy. The less time I have to spend getting ready the more time I have to spend enjoying nature, reading, spending time with family, impacting others, prayer and meditation, learning new cutting and coloring techniques, among other things I love doing. 

I loathe shopping, I get zero joy out of it, I didn’t want to spend a second more doing it than I absolutely had to. Knowing solid black cotton is my jam, I was able to laser focus on those items only. When I find a designer that fits my body shape and style best, I will buy (almost) exclusively from them. 

Same goes with my hair…I was getting color done every 3 weeks…it was too much so I decided to embrace my natural color. I was tired of styling my hair so I embraced my natural texture and found a shape that supported it. My time and energy was more important to me. 

Define your style. Mine is simple, minimal, and interchangeable 

This photo is a great example of this, all the exact same haircut worn 9 different ways. 

Having a distinctive style doesn’t mean it’s the same every day, it means you know you’re going to feel good in how you put it together everyday. 

Start 2022 by defining your style…it might take you the whole year and that is ok. 

Save time, energy, money, and resources! Remember…if you don’t LOVE the way you look in it…you shouldn’t own it. Only absolute yes’s should be in your closet…no “maybe’s”, no “I’m not sure’s”…if it is not a definitive YES…get rid of it. Same goes for buying it…I don’t care if it’s on sale for $.01..if it’s not a “yes, I look and feel great in this” DON’T BUY IT!

Same with the hair…make note of the styles that make you look and feel your very best and recreate them. 

We are here to support you in defining your style. Let us know if you want our help, we would be happy to assist you!