January Styles, Tips & Tricks

We have entered the season of dry, dull, brittle hair. What causes this and how can we fix it? 

Think about what your hands look like in winter if you weren’t to care for them properly. They are dry, cracked, chapped, and scaly. Hair, skin, and nails are made out of the same thing, keratin. They incur similar damage however cannot necessarily be repaired or protected the same way. 

Although they are made of the same thing, what works to protect one (such as skin) may not work to protect the other (such as hair). For instance, using sunscreen on the skin protects it from burning however it does not protect the hair. 

Just like diamonds and pencil lead are both made of carbon, it is the different arrangements of the atom that give them their distinguishing features. This is very similar to hair, skin, and nail structure, they are all made of keratin but arranged differently. 

When exposed to too much sun, the color of your hair changes…in the same way that your skin does. Your skin gets red or if you’re lucky golden brown…very similar to hair, it can get brassy or if you’re lucky it gets blonde highlights. When the skin is exposed to extreme cold it gets hard, calloused, dry, and chapped. When the hair is exposed to extreme cold it becomes dry and split leaving it dull and lifeless. Applying aquaphor to the skin keeps it soft, well moisturized and prevents cracking…the same cannot be said for the hair. Applying aquaphor to the hair is only going to make it greasy, heavy, and gross…once it’s shampooed, the same problem will still be there. 

So what to do? 

Cover your hair when going out into the cold, make sure all your hair is tucked in. Keep in mind that different fabrics can cause a lot of friction which in turn causes static and in some cases breakage. Ideally it would be wrapped in a satin or silk scarf, then covered with a knit hat for keep it warm or this satin lined cap is an excellent choice, just remember ALL your hair must be tucked in for this to work properly.  

Use a highly moisturizing conditioner once a week. We recommend adding Kevin Murphy Re.Store to your regimen. Use this conditioner as your cleansing agent and moisturizer once a week. Skipping shampoo every once in a while is great for the hair. Similarly to washing your hands frequently, the detergents in the soap along with the water dry them out. Remember to get as much water out of the hair as possible when applying conditioner. Think about trying to put lotion on hands when they are soaking wet, it doesn’t work…same with the hair.

Much like your hands, you need to reapply moisturizers many  times a day. Applying a something that your hair can full absorb will help, I suggest Eufora’s Beautifying Serum. Applying just a small little dap once every few hours to the ends of your hair can be a God sent. Just remember, a little bit goes a long way. Much like your skin, your hair can only absorb so much at a time.