In a World Where Everyone Wears a Mask

“ My mask is not a line of defense, it’s a symbol of solidarity.”


I started looking at the new guidelines and precautionary measures as a symbol. Symbols that outwardly show that I am willing to be uncomfortable to show you I love and care for you. The mask I wear is designed to protect YOU from ME… not the other way around. The mask you wear is NOT to protect you, but to protect others from you, and vice versa.


My mask is a symbol of love, honor, and hope.


What symbols can we use to show solidarity through the chrysalis that we are currently in? This hard yet beautiful rebirthing of not just a nation, but a world?  


I am protecting YOU from ME by educating myself. By leaning into the hard truths. By having the hard conversations. Mercy and grace are the protective gear we need to wear in order to be in this space. They make me feel like you are protected from my unintentional ignorance.  Mercy, grace, and compassion are the gear we need to put on so people feel safe to have these uncomfortable conversations.


Hate is the equivalent of spewing spit into the faces of others. The way COVID-19 spread is so symbolic of how hate, racism, and injustice spread. The only solution to slow the spread is to wear our masks and wash our hands… AKA mercy, grace, compassion, and washing the feet of others. It’s all relative. 





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