I’m just a girl in the world

Every month I write a newsletter for Lola. I always get a little nervous when it comes to writing the final thoughts. I mean I’m just some girl…. So , I start to feel a little squeamish of sharing my thoughts and opinions with the people around me.. Who am I to think even for a second that I could possibly have an impact on our current state of affairs? But then, I think about all the people, day in and day out, that inspire me to be a better person. These people are not people that you see on television or that have best selling novels. These are people that spend their days raising their families. Providing for them, sacrificing for them, standing up for them. Making an impact on the lives of the people around them. Then I start thinking about this TEDtalk I heard once and it was life changing. It is about how a young man changed the entire life of a young woman and he didn’t even know it. So here I am telling you that we are all just a person…however so were Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, John Lennon, The Dalai Lama, and every other heroic, influential, inspiring person you have ever heard of or read about. We all have something powerful to offer…but you can’t let fear stand in the way of saying it out loud. Each and every single person that is reading this has changed the life of someone else…most of you don’t even know it. Take the time to tell these people who have an impact on your life. Let them know. In doing so you will give them the confidence and strength it takes to keep on helping those around them. Please take 6 minutes out of your day and watch this video…you will thank me later.