I used to try to control ever facet of my life

I want to begin by saying how grateful I am that you are here with me…reading these words, being a part of this beautiful thing we are creating together. Taking these written insights into your heart and using them to spread seeds of love everywhere you go…this is how we will all work collectively to fulfill the Lola Hair and Soul mission to change the world one head at a time. Thank you!

I write this as I sit in my screened in porch taking in the beauty that surrounds me. The sounds of wildlife echo from every possible direction, the scent of fresh cut grass and a beautiful but subtle moisture in the air that I can somehow also smell. There is a gentle warm breeze on my skin…There is just something about a porch! 

When we give ourselves the chance to just be…to just enjoy the moment we are in. Let go of worry, to do lists, obligations…turn off the tv, turn off the phone (just for a few minutes) just breathe, relax the muscles in our bodies, close our eyes, listen to the sounds around us…this is what “real life” is to me. 

I used to try to control ever facet of my life. It took many breakdowns and breakthroughs to realize we have no control over anything other than ourselves. The only part of a situation we have ANY control over is how we respond to it. Recognizing this is probably the greatest lesson I have ever learned…and still must practice and remind myself of regularly. 

Over the past few years I have released control…I share with God my creative ways of bringing to life the visions He has placed in my heart and He shines a light on the path to get there. I follow His lead. 

This truly sets your soul free. Letting go of control has brought peace to my heart. In this, I have also learned that I do not like making decisions…any decisions. It’s not that I can’t…If I am in a leadership position and the need to make decisions sits on my shoulders, I can and will make decisions with integrity.

My husband and I love adventures. They don’t have to be grandiose…I mean most of the time an adventure is jumping in the jeep and getting lost…just seeing what we can come across. I have come to find when I give my husband control he has this amazing ability to find the most beautiful places. 

If we allow ourselves to step out of these arbitrary set of rules we believe we are supposed to live by you will find yourself seeing a whole new world that you didn’t even know existed. 

My husband has planned a weekend getaway for us. I have no idea where we are going, what we are doing, I am 100% going in blind. He will give me a couple guidelines as far as what I should pack as far as clothing…other that that…I have no idea. This allows the adventure to begin before we even leave the house. It’s not the destination that is the adventure it’s the whole damn thing. 

Let go of control, give yourself time and space, (10 minutes in a closet if that’s where you need to go…or maybe if you can run to the store and on the way pull over for 10 minutes) enjoy the little things…you will find they actually the big things. 

Have a safe, adventurous, free, independence day!!!