I hate to admit my need for validation

Validation is defined as the “act of affirming a person, or their ideas, feelings, actions, etc., as acceptable and worthy”

As a strong independent woman I hate to admit my need for validation. 

I don’t do things seeking validation but when I get it after sharing something I’ve created…it’s like a big ol’ shot of endorphins right into my soul. 

I suffer from a great deal of angst stemming from self doubt. It’s not debilitating self doubt as I always move forward with a goal fearlessly((ish)…voice cracking…knees shaking…heart pounding but still doing it))…but no matter if I succeed or fail…I think to myself “I could’ve done better”. 

I was asked by my therapist “is that helping you in anyway”? Of course the answer was no…I had to reflect on one of my favorite quotes from author Jerry Sternin 

“It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting.”

I can’t just sit and meditate on all the knowledge I have hoping it somehow transforms me…God expects me to be an active participant. 

We have to implement…we have all the answers. We know damn well that beating ourselves up isn’t going to move us one inch forward. When we have a nasty thought about ourselves…or anyone else for that matter… we must immediately combat it with a positive one!

We have to stop feeding the monster…starve that motherfucker of all the depravity we feed it…starve it until it shrivels up and dies and send it back to hell where it belongs. 

Will it try to return???…of course, but every time we beat it off (haha, sorry this made me giggle) we stand taller…stronger…and more capable then the time before. 

Let’s form an alliance of human beings…not just women, not just men…not just non-binary…all sexes…all nationalities, all religions, all skin tones…if they want a seat at the table, scoot on over, there is PLENTY of room. 

You want to abolish self-doubt let’s start ACTING differently not just thinking differently.