February Styles, Tips & Tricks

13 years ago I did a juice fast in which all I ingested was homemade fruit and vegetable juices and water for 15 days.


The results were remarkable. My energy level was through the roof and my skin was magnificent. I didn’t realize how lousy I felt until experiencing these results. This was a huge wake up call for me. It made me realize there is NOTHING you can put on your body to combat what you put in your body. 

I had given my body the opportunity to heal when I was no longer filling it with things it had to figure out how to break down. Needless to say this was not sustainable for life however it completely changed the way I looked at food. I most certainly have my down periods where I fall off the healthy train (where I am currently btw) but I know what needs to be done and I am the only one standing in my way. 

So today I want to suggest we all take the greatest health advice I have ever gotten…Drink your water and mind your business”.

This is the great beauty tip I can deliver!!