December Styles, Tips & Tricks

Dress it up rather than do it up!

At the end of the day we all want the same thing…to look our very best with the most minimal amount of time and effort possible…am I right?

I have found we are focusing on the wrong things. Often we spend the most amount of time on styling our hair which can be very time consuming and energy sucking…if we have the right accessories we can spend 2-5 minutes on our hair and look like a million bucks. 

#1…Embrace your natural texture. The more time and heat you use fighting what God gave you the more your luscious locks are going to look like crispy critters. We, your stylists, are not just here to cut and color your hair…we are here to give you the guidance that has been given to us. Schedule time with your stylist to learn how to embrace your natural texture. Contact Us! 

#2…Scarves, hats, clips, headbands, barrettes…they exist for a reason…the ease a burden and adorn your hair. Lola carries a myriad of accessories made by people we are proud to be in partnerships with. 

#3… Earrings, necklaces, bracelets…do not underestimate the power of cheap costume jewelry…this is everything! You can make your gym clothes look runway with the right accessories. 

#4 Less is more…the little things are the big things, the devil is in the details, work smarter not harder… however you want to say it