December Styles, Tips & Tricks

A study posted on the National Library of Medicine shows a simple way to combat hair loss, vitamin e!

Yup, that’s right…no lotions or potions, just good ol’ vitamin e showed a 35% increase in hair growth compared to those that did not take it. 

There have been so many people suffering from hair-loss in the past few years related to stress and illness, If this is you, I recommend talking to your doctor to see if this might be a cheap and affordable option. When we are talking about hair loss we refer to the follicle and is different from breakage. Breakage is generally cause by external circumstances, heat, over processed color, poor grooming habits, etc, the follicle is effected by internal circumstances such as diet, stress, or illness. 

Kevin Murphy and Eufora, the lines we carry at Lola, both have the ideal pH level of 5.5 to maintain healthy shiny hair…provided that the follicle is in good health. If you have not used the Kevin Murphy or Eufora shampoos or conditioners, I urge you to try them, you will be able to feel the difference. Both lines are also dedicated to using the best most effective ingredients, responsibly sourced, and dedicated to minimizing waste. 

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