August Styles, Tips & Tricks

How to properly blow-dry your hair

 I hear more times than not “I wish I could style my hair the way you do”. Here are some very easy techniques to get you closer to a salon quality blowout!

Tip #1…

Let’s start thinking of the blowdryer as a styling tool rather than a machine that blows hot air to just dry our hair. Every tool has a method in which it was designed to be used. 

-Air flow should always be traveling in the same direction as your hair.

-When blowdrying, your hair should not be blowing all over the place…it should be controlled with tension the entire time. Pull straight up for volume and straight down for leanness.

Tip #2…

Blowdrying hair is a lot like baking cookies

The smaller the cookie, the faster and more evenly it cooks

*The smaller the section…the faster and more evenly it dries. 

When each cookie is equal in size the more consistent your batch

*When each section of hair is equal in size and done neatly and orderly the more  consistent your results

When you try to pick up a hot cookie fresh out of the oven it falls apart, but when you pick it up after it’s cooled it keeps it’s shape

*The exact same thing applies to the hair…wait for it to completely cool to touch   it so it keeps it’s shape 

-Baking requires patience and proper use of tools and ingredients to turn out exactly how you want

*For a killer blow-out make sure you are patient…take small, neat sections…point the blowdryer so the airflow is blowing each hair in the same direction,  keep the heat to a medium setting as not to burn the hair