August Styles, Tips & Tricks

Self Tanner Application 

With our current salon special which offers an incredible deal on the Mr. and Mrs. Tannie, this is a great time to talk about application tips and tricks!

Self Tan Body Lotion Application:


Shave: We recommend shaving prior to application, shaving anytime after application will lighten the color. 

Exfoliate: It is recommended that you exfoliate before application but in full transparency, I do not, because I am lazy, I have always had great results. 

Dry off thoroughly: You want to make sure your skin is completely dry before application, this will ensure a more even application.  


Use gloves: we have found vinyl or latex gloves work best, this way the mitt does not soak up the product. 

Be patient and apply thoroughly: To avoid missed areas, this will give you the most even results. 

Wash hands: Although you wore gloves we still advise that you wash hands just in case, we want people to think you were just born with that glow. 

Allow to dry completely before getting dressed:  It dries quickly…5-10 minutes

Layer if desired: This product allows you to go darker with each application…if you apply it in consecutive days, you will achieve a darker color. When you are happy with the color you are, simply maintain it by doing it 1-2 times a week. 

You will begin to see results immediately but it will take 24 hours before it is complete. 

Face Tan Water Application:

Cleanse face: Wash your face as normal 

Exfloliate: Again, this is recommended, but I do not do this and I get great results. 

Moisturize: Generally speaking, it is not recommended to moisturize before fake tanning as the result won’t last as long, however Mr. And Mrs. Tannie actually recommend adding the face water to your moisturizer if you don’t feel comfortable skipping out on it. 

Apply: Although it is recommended to apply the face water with a cotton pad, we actually skip the pad, and apply directly with our hands. It is a very watery product (hence the name) so some may drip out of your hands. Simply press and spread the product all over face and décolletage. 

Wash your hands: Be sure to wash your hands immediately. 

Let dry:  Be sure to allow product to dry completely before makeup application, only a few minutes. 

You will begin to see results within hours of application however it will take 24 hours before it is complete.