August Styles, Tips & Tricks

If there is anything we can all agree on it is probably that there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish all that we want to. I believe it is my job to give you a look that gives you the most amount of confidence with the least amount of effort. Time redemption is the greatest offering I can give. 

Here are 10 things I look for and why I do it when I am choosing the best style for you. 

  1. Hair texture
  2. Face Shape
  3. Body Shape 
  4. Personality
  5. Style
  6. Desired time spent on hair
  7. Styling skill level 
  8. Budget 
  9. Schedule 
  10. Aura

Hair texture…Imagine the effort it would take to get wool to behave like satin…my brain hurts just thinking about it. Getting thick, course hair to behave like fine, sleek hair is similar. Your hair is a fabric and is a HUGE consideration. It’s my job to pick a style that works with the hair texture you have.


Face Shape… This is very similar to picking out clothes that fit you in all the right places. The shape of your hairstyle should fit your face and head shape similarly to how a pair of jeans fit your waist and hips. Ill fitting hair is a thing. Check out these pictures of Kaley Cuoco, the first photo is incredibly ill fitting, the middle…meh, but the last photo, it’s the perfect fit.  It should magnify the parts you love and minimize the parts you don’t ensuring you feel your confident self.  


Body Shape…I know it seems weird to think hair and body shape have anything to do with one another but they absolutely do! Our eyes are drawn to an esthetically pleasing shape…starting at the top of heads down to the tips of our toes. It should all flow together as one cohesive balanced shape. 


 Personality…hairstyles can have a personality of their own…you don’t want two completely different personalities on one body, like a mohawk on a very conservative person for instance, it just doesn’t work. Your hair is a visual display of your personality…it should be genuine.



Style…We all have a personal style…there is a huge difference between style and fashion. Fashion is decided by others…style is decided by ourselves. 


Desired time spent on hair…I do not enjoy styling my own hair. I give myself about 5 minutes tops which means blowdrying is out of the question for me. I have to choose a style that best supports that. My long hair allows me to airdry and not deal with it…it also allows me to put it up in a myriad of ways so I can still be creative with it. 


Styling skill level…We all have very different skill sets. It’s important that we choose a style that you are able to recreate easily. 

Budget…Short precision haircuts require more frequency of visits which in turn comes with a higher end of year price tag. If you are on a tight budget it’s important to pick a style that does not require a lot of upkeep. For some, budget is not as important as long as it makes them feel good…for others, budget is the number one priority. 

Schedule…Some of us have plenty of flexibility in our schedules…others do not. We have to be very realistic as to where you fit into this category. Monthly salon visits may not work for some, but maybe quarterly visits do. Some need the “therapy” that a monthly salon visit offers. It’s a personal choice. 

Aura…Some of us are more “woo woo” than others. I am pretty high on the woo woo spectrum. Knowing the feeling you want your hair to give you is one of the most important bits of information for me. Many of you have heard me ask the question “Using just one word, how do you want your hair to make you feel”? I have heard things from youthful, sexy, playful, composed to natural, effortless, hip, or edgy. There is no wrong answer.