2022, Twenty Twenty Two, Two Thousand and Twenty Two

Since January 20, 2020, when the U.S. confirmed it’s very first case of COVID-19, the entire world and every person in it has been affected in one way or another. Whether it was battling the virus directly, suffering emotionally from social distancing, financial losses, or being frozen by fear of not knowing how to live honorably in this more than ever divided world?…who’s right?…who’s wrong?…Who do you believe??? Who can you trust??? 

Every day since, we have faced more and more trials. Fear has been used as a powerful weapon by the media, greedy politicians, and propagandizing social platforms further dividing us…watching us attack one another like a human dog fight…they sit back and place bets on who will draw blood first….they continue to feed us tainted bait successfully distracting us from the carnage we are creating. 

There is only one way out…blinders and boundaries.  Focus only on God, what is in front of you, and keep everything that does not create love and joy in your life at arms length. Remember, Judgement is above our pay grade (get that t-shirt here) it’s not up to us to judge how others are living their lives. The more we judge, the more we draw blood further lining the pockets of those betting on the dog fight. 

Doctors, scientists, FDA, CDC…not even these experts can agree on what is best for the human race…who are we to say what is? The only guarantee we have in life is death…100% of us will die, even Betty White, (who I assumed would just live forever, RIP). We don’t know when, how, why, or where we will die no matter our life choices…my Mother was 39 years old and the odds were stacked in her favor for a much longer life..my Grandmother died at 84 years old with the odds stacked against her to live a much shorter one.

The time has come for us to embrace grace, mercy, and compassion. Whether your neighbor is pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, democrat, republican, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, catholic, christian, jewish, atheist, male, female, non-binary, gay, straight, no matter how they identify, our only job is to accept. You don’t have to invite them to your dinner table but you do have to give them safe space where there is no physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain inflicted on them. 

The only way to ensure this is to model the behavior and to meet your opposers with curiosity over distain. We have to ask questions with a genuine spirit of inquiry rather than condescension. We have an opportunity to change things. We have an opportunity to take power away evil. Evil will never cease to exist but it can become powerless if we take a stand. Lead with love, whether you agree or disagree with their choices, love them…even if it’s from afar…love them…desire the best for them. 

2022 can be the beginning of something new if we start doing something new…if we start behaving differently we can change the world, perhaps, ONE HEAD AT A TIME!